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Gulele around Saint Paul Hospital on the way to Woreda 8
Gulele subcity,Addis Ababa

For Emergencies

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Our dedicated doctors will assist you in managing emergencies you encountered 24/7.

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Our Doctors

Our doctors provide onphone consultation and in person consultation on all kinds of health and health related issues

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Welcome to Yookoo Doctor Digital Health Care

We, being the Pioneer in digital health care services across the country, have been tirelessly working on:

  • Covid 19
  • Pediatric consultation
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Health Education
  • Psychotheraphy
  • Sexual Education
  • Education and consultation Chronic disease
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Others
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Our Services

Yookoo Clinic

Wel-Trained and compassionate professionals in handling any sort of medical condition 24/7.

Virtual Clinic

We provide 24/7 onphone doctor cosultation and mobile application based Video conference.

Health Education

We provide comprehensive evidentful health and health related education to the general public via our social media channels.


Short term health related trainings for health professionals and interested individuals. The trainings include BLS,ALS,PALS and First Aid among others.

Home Care

We provide professional home care services to those in need .


We partner with pharmacies providing online prescription despensing service.

Our Doctors

Some of our doctors

Dr. Tirunesh Busha
Dr. Senbeta Guteta
Dr. Abebe Sorsa
MD/Consultant Pediatrician
Dr. Lami Belay
MD/Consultant Gyn/Obstetrician
Dr. Lensa Birhanu

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